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Antibiotics are medications that fight bacterial infections. They don’t work against viral infections like cold or flu. Buy antibiotics medication online uk.

Bacteria are microscopic germs that live inside your body, on your skin and all around you. Most types of bacteria won’t hurt you. Some types (like some in your gut or on your skin) help keep you healthy. But certain bacteria can make you sick, with the effects ranging from a mild infection to a severe one that lands you in the hospital.

That’s why antibiotics are so important. They can help you feel better and are often lifesaving. But when it comes to antibiotics, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Using antibiotics when they’re not needed — like for viral infections or mild bacterial infections that would go away on their own — can lead to unnecessary side effects and contribute to the global problem of antibiotic resistance. Buy antibiotics medication online uk.

Most people need antibiotics at some point during their lives, and probably many times. You can reap the benefits of antibiotics by following your healthcare provider’s instructions on when you need them and how to use them. You can also learn how these medications work and what they treat. This knowledge can empower you to understand what’s going on inside your body and how to play an active role in your treatment.

How do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics work by killing bacteria or stopping them from multiplying. For example, antibiotics can kill bacteria by destroying crucial parts they need to survive, like their cell walls or DNA. Antibiotics can stop the growth of bacteria by preventing them from making certain proteins they need to multiply. Buy antibiotics medication online uk.

What does “antibiotic” mean?

An antibiotic refers to any substance that stops bacteria from growing. The antibiotics you take may be entirely made from natural products. Or, they may include synthetic (made in a lab) substances. Scientists are constantly researching and developing new antibiotics to fight infections.

Proper antibiotic use

For antibiotics to work as they should (and help you feel better), you need to use them properly. Here are some tips:

  • Take your antibiotics exactly as your provider instructs. They’ll tell you the total course of your treatment (how many days you need to take the antibiotics). They’ll also tell you how many times per day you need to take them, and whether or not you should take them with food. Ask if anything is unclear.
  • Don’t save any of your antibiotics for a later time. This isn’t safe and won’t help you in the future. You should only use antibiotics to treat the specific infection you received them for.
  • Don’t take medicine a provider prescribed for someone else. Prescriptions are like custom-made outfits. They’re tailored to you and your needs, including the type of infection you have and other factors like your health history and allergies.
  • Safely throw away unused medicine. Usually, you’ll receive the exact amount of medicine you need. But if you have any medicine left over, ask a pharmacist what to do with it. Buy antibiotics medication online uk.

What conditions do antibiotics treat?

Antibiotics treat a wide range of conditions that affect many different parts of your body, from your innermost organs to the outer surface of your skin. Below are some examples.

Skin and soft tissue infections
Infections in your throat and respiratory system
Infections in your urinary system and reproductive system
Eye infections
Other conditions

When should you not use antibiotics?

You shouldn’t take antibiotics for viral infections. Antibiotics target bacteria, not viruses. So, they won’t work against conditions like: Buy antibiotics medication online uk.

You likely don’t need antibiotics for some bacterial infections that typically go away on their own. These include:

Your healthcare provider will tell you if you need antibiotics for these common infections. Buy antibiotics medication online uk.

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